Digital Landlord


4,000 Sqm, a vision of 18 luxury 5 bed terrace townhouses and the support of over 200 Digital Landlord investors

We finally had the land surveyed and planned. Development commenced this week and we should start sand filling come end of this year. This is what #strongertogether means. It took 201 Digital Landlords to purchase the 4000 sqm of land based on each investors affordability and they will be expecting upto 200% ROI on investment […]

Your Luxury Homes Are Almost Ready

It’s been a remarkable journey and a concept has gone from an idea to a visually stimulating reality. This Christmas we will be open for business and you want to make sure you are getting a share of the profits. With over 1.5m people travelling to Nigeria each year and Christmas being the prime time […]

Why you can’t afford to miss out on this in your life time

Lagos state is ranked the world’s No.4 fastest growing megacities in Africa according to the World Economic Forum

With just N1.3m you can own 0.5% of 4 Luxury terraces house in prime location Osapa London. Up to 20% return on short-let rental income

Our next Digital Landlord investment is upon us. We are buying four of these luxury 4 bed terrace town houses in Osapa London, Lekki for two main reasons, the instant Shortlet income of up to or over 20%  each year and up to 16% capital gain each year with a view to sell off in 10 […]

Phase 1 complete! We are now ready for phase 2 — Mobilisation of Digital Landlord

It started out as an idea, a concept that would give the average Joe a chance to have a piece of the pie in real estate investment opportunities. An idea on its own is useless without stakeholder buy-in and even when you have the buy-in of stakeholders, a well strategised and executed plan based on […]

You can’t go wrong with Real Estate and Blockchain Technology

It’s been just over 4 weeks when we first started the crowdfunding initiative for Digital Landlord, a real estate trading platform running of blockchain technology using SMART contracts. In that short space of time, we have raised over N70,000,000 of the N90,000,000 required to establish value for our digital currency called Annexcoin. What is Annexcoin? […]

Becoming a Digital Landlord

Become a Digital Landlord, own real estate from as low as £957 or N450K and trade at up to or over 1000%. What is Digital Landlord? Digital Landlord is a digital disruptive concept aimed at disrupting the real estate industry in Africa with a key focus on giving the average Joe the opportunity to own […]